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Sometimes, families need a space to openly discuss with and learn from other families facing similar challenges. The OAR blog addresses this need by serving as a forum for self-advocates, parents, educators, and medical professionals to share information about autism. The blog is a collection of stories and personal insights that share resources and serve as sources of support for autism families.

Blog post topics range from stories of parents connecting with their children to educational perspectives and even to the unique qualities that individuals with autism possess. Not only does the blog enable autism families to see different perspectives on issues they may face, it also offers helpful tips on how to perform well in school and other various social settings. Commentary from self-advocates demonstrates how to identify emotions, transition into adulthood and make new friends.

Since the blog started in October 2009, blog posts have been posted weekly. Readers can search through posts by topic and engage in the discussion by leaving a reply at the bottom of the post.

For questions, comments, or if you would like to contribute a post to the OAR blog, please contact OAR at

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